IT-friendly Chennai-based autorickshaw driver likes keeping customers happy ,

IT-friendly Chennai-based autorickshaw driver likes keeping customers happy

Chennai, July 4 (ANI): An autorickshaw driver based in Chennai is being talked about by people from 48 countries. G. Annadurai provides his customers with everything from a wi-fi connection to a television.

Annadurai’s auto has a moving library that contains the latest Hindi, English and Tamil magazines, updated newspapers, a television set, mobile charging facility, phone recharge facility and a wi-fi connection.

To top it all, last year, he upgraded his auto with a Samsung tablet to entertain his customers, who use the device for free while taking a ride on his vehicle. He also conducts daily and monthly competitions to keep his travellers engaged.

The auto driver says his only motive is to attain customer satisfaction. He insists that we do not name it as business, but service. “I do this for job and customer satisfaction. Customer is my real God. For me, this is a way to meet customer satisfaction and give them what they do not expect,” says Annadurai.

Earning a monthly income of 20,000-25,000 rupees, Anna invests more than a third of his income into refurbishing of his auto every month. However, he only charges a standard 25 rupees from his customers. Teachers can travel for free around the year, because Anna believes in the power of education. Anna is even paying for the education of seven poor children with the money he has saved, a dream he long wanted to fulfill with his own money.

“No politicians can change the society. Only educated youth can empower society. Therefore, I want to educate as many children as possible,” he said. His next big dream is to open a shelter home for senior citizens. Anna’s love for client contentment has made him a popular figure across India and abroad, and people are in awe of this one-of-a-kind experience.

“You cannot call it just an auto. It is an experience, something that I am very sure you have never experienced before anywhere in India. You cannot imagine the level of hospitality Annadurai gives. The guy is definitely rocking on the customer satisfaction level,” said Sunish Vohra, who works in Chennai with an IT company.

Anna also provides free rides to couples on Valentine’s Day, children on Children’s Day, and all his customers on his own and former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s birthdays.

After being popularised by the media, Anna has been dubbed an example of good entrepenuership. Impressed by his customer service skills, even Congress leader Shashi Tharoor posted information about him on Twitter.(ANI)

By Trisha Mahajan


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