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Samsung Galaxy S5 sheds 30% price in India two months after launch

Sunday June 15, 2014, 9:37 AM

Samsung-galaxy-S5-india-launchSkimming is a popular concept among smartphone companies in India. Unlike other markets, where the price of smartphones remain stable for a reasonable time, companies in India work a little differently. Most of the high-end smartphones first goes on sale with limited availability at the maximum retail price for the first week. The duration can be extended to a fortnight if it is a high profile smartphone or if stocks are actually limited. This is followed by a fortnight or so when the stock is released to all retailers and that’s when the real price and the chances of success of the device is realized. Post that the smartphone retails more or less around that price only for the next couple of months, if not more. However, it seems that even after two months of launch, the Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t been able to find that stable price.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched in India in April for Rs 51,500. Just two months later, the Galaxy S5 is now available for Rs 36,125 from Flipkart without any exchange scheme. Earlier, Samsung was offering the Galaxy S5 for Rs 34,000, if any current Galaxy S3 user wanted to upgrade their phone for the Galaxy S5.

samsung-galaxy-s5-flipkart-price-in-indiaTo make matters even better, the Galaxy S5 bought off WS Retail will also be eligible for Samsung’s special after sales service offer, where it will provide free pick up and delivery of the phone in case it is required to be sent to a service centre. Also, in case its display breaks, users will have to pay just Rs 990 to get it changed for the first time.

Samsung decided to launch the Exynos version of the Galaxy S5 in India instead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon version, which could have put off a lot of prospective buyers. Many also don’t see the Galaxy S5 to have anything significantly better than the previous generation Galaxy S4, which is available for less than Rs 29,000.

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