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ET Review: Sony Xperia Z2

PRICE Rs 49,990


5.2-inch (1920 x 1080p) IPS LCD, 20.7MP rear + 2.2MP front camera, 2.3Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core, 3GB RAM, 16GB + micro SD (up to 128GB), 4k video, IP58 certified, micro USB + MHL 3.0, 3,200mAh battery, 163 grams

Positives: Much-improved screen with great viewing angles (now IPS panel), excellent quality 4k video recording, blistering performance, great camera

Negatives: Design is too similar to outgoing Z1, 4k recording heats up camera sensor (auto shuts off after 8 mins of video), too many highly reflective surfaces

NEW DELHI: In this cut-throat world of flagship smartphones, there are just a handful of contenders for the top spot. With each firmware upgrade & each new iteration, the devices just keep getting better. It’s no wonder then that there’s so little to choose between current flagships — they’re all thunderous overachievers.

It also explains why there are now so few overt improvements from one generation to the other. This new Z2 is visually very similar to the Z1 — roughly the same size, retains IP58 rating (completely dustproof and waterproof) and has a very similar aluminium + glass unibody design.

The Z1 was already very good (great design, camera & performance) but sorely needed an IPS screen to give it better colours and viewing angles. Thankfully, Sony has stepped up and given the Z2 the screen it needs. The new screen is substantially better and this is evident when you place the two phones side by side. The Z2 is also thinner (8.2 vs 8.5mm), lighter (163 vs 170g) has the latest Qualcomm silicon, 3GB RAM and a micro SD slot that supports the new 128GB cards.

The camera remains excellent, but can’t manage to unsettle the Galaxy S5. The only area where the Z2 edges ahead is with night photography. Battery life was excellent (1-2 days) and you’ll never want for more performance.

A couple of the gripes we had with the Z2 centre around the design (it looks great but is not the most comfortable to hold — besides it is a smudge-magnet and is virtually indistinguishable from Z1), a missing feature (infrared blaster is absent, which is there even in older phones like Galaxy S4, LG G2 and HTC One M7) and the fact that the sensor heats up and shuts down after about 8 minutes of 4K video recording (not a deal breaker, but disappointing).

Choose this or the S5 or One M8 and you won’t regret it — but make an informed choice.


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