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Newkia wants to be the new Nokia by poaching Finnish talent

While the Nokia-Microsoft deal will soon bring the curtains down on Nokia’s historic mobile business, it has also galvanized a Nokia loyalist who still think that the mobile company can return to its days of glory. Thomas Zilliacus, a former Nokia CEO for the APAC region and board advisory member has revealed his plans on forming a mobile device company by hiring Nokia employees. Aptly, he’s named the company Newkia, ZDNet reports.

“We set up Newkia literally the day Nokia sold its phone business to Microsoft. It was the day Nokia died in Finland, and the new Nokia was born in Newkia,” he told ZDNet. He believes Nokia has been among the most trusted brands in terms of hardware for mobile phones and thus is looking for Nokia employees to join this new company.

Zilliacus plans to go ahead with this new brand along with a couple of other former Nokia advisory board members, and is also pitching talent from the Nokia’s core team in Finland. He currently runs an investment company named Mobile FutureWorks.

Newkia will launch the new devices on Android platform, instead of using Windows Phone, which has partially been the reason behind the once dominating company’s fall out in the market. For these new devices, he is trying to pitch in those developers in Nokia who were working on Windows Platform, but had also been interested in developing for Android. As per the report, Zilliacus has already teamed up with some former Nokia employees, and is working on acquiring more of them from segments varying from smartphone design to logistics and even manufacturing.

The company plans to release its first handset within a year, after it succeeds to raise funds for the core team to start operating. In terms of the set up of the new company, Newkia will be based out of Singapore while Zilliacus also plans to keep the main research and development (R&D) team in Finland from where the Nokia R&D team had been operating “to use Nokia know-how, technology, and design to build the world’s best smartphones, but running on Android.” Apparently, he also plans to set up more R&D divisions at locations like Silicon Valley.


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