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Scientists develop technology to charge smartphones using human urine

In this day and age of smartphones, the biggest issue users face is battery life. Bluntly put, battery technology has not kept up with smartphone technology. The Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the UK has reportedly devised a way to charge phones using human urine.

As disgusting as this may sound, PTI is reporting that the breakthrough technology harnesses power from urine by passing it through a cascade of microbial fuel cells.

Microbial fuel cells are basically converters that turn organic power into electricity via metabolism of live microbes. Using this the scientists have found a way to harness the energy from human urine.

The scientists behind the technology claim that it is entirely eco-friendly, as one is using human waste to generate electricity.

Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos from the University of West of England claimed that the current microbial fuel power stack only holds a limited amount of juice. It can only enable SMS messaging, web browsing and a just enough power to make a brief call.

Making the call consumes the maximum amount of power, but the scientist believes that eventually the technology will be developed to a certain degree where the phone can be charged for longer periods.

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