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Mr. K. Pandiarajan was born in 1960 at Vilampatti, a village near Sivakasi. Having lost his father when he was very young, he had a humble beginning and had to work in match factories, after school hours, to support his family.

Since he was very good at studies, his teachers encouraged and guided him throughout. He was a top scorer and gained admission in engineering at the prestigious PSG College, Coimbatore. During his college days, he actively participated in student movements and was elected as general secretary of the students body. He took part in many student programs and anti-Hindi protests.

He joined the Anna University to pursue higher studies and thanks to his high score and intelligence, he was selected for the MBA program at the renowned Jamshedpur XLRI. It was his hard work and merit that brought him the opportunity to gain entry into this elite institution.

When most of the students aspired to do MBA in marketing, Pandiarajan chose to study MBA in Human Resource. He said to his professors, who wondered why he chose HR over marketing, “I like to be with people and I like to interact and be with them. Therefore, I want to study Human Resources.”

Confidence never forsakes anyone. Pandiarajan was recognized as one of the most promising professionals in Human Resources in the country. Young Pandiarajan realized that none of the Indian Human Resources organisations were in a position to compete with their peers in the global market. He wanted to change the situation and did that by launching his own HR Company, Ma Foi, with an investment of Rs 60,000.

Pandiarajan, an ambitious graduate from a small village of Vilampatti is now popularly known as Ma Foi Pandiarajan. As its first employee, he worked hard, day and night to scale up his organisation and make it India’s largest HR Services company. Today Ma Foi Randstad is present in India and Sri Lanka with 59 offices in 51 locations.

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  1. T.R.Thirunavukkarasu.

    Sir, happy to note that during the period of 1979 to 1982 studied Diploma in Textile technology. , I had studied in PSG Polytechnic coimbatore and enjoyed playing volley ball in the court near the A & B mess .Hon.Minister Mr.Pandiarajan used to umpiring our polytechnic team matches.
    He was also the gen.secratary for the Tamil sangam also. At that time it self he used to show his leadership qualities whether it is sports or in cultural events.
    I am happy to remember those days.

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